School Buses

School Buses

Capture stop-arm violations automatically for improved safety and enforcement efficiency.

While school buses are loading and unloading children, over 17 million vehicles illegally pass by each year. AI-powered camera system can automatically capture and help enforce stop-arm violations, while safeguarding the privacy of children and other individuals.

Increase enforcement efficiency seamlessly.

Install our AI-powered camera system on the side of the school bus, and let our platform handle the rest.

  • Enhance Children's Safety

    Protect safe zones and minimize student injuries and fatalities on their way to and from school.

  • Increase Vehicle Stopping

    Encourage motorists to comply with stop-arm laws by enforcing violations consistently and equitably.

  • Improve Travel Experience

    Enable bus drivers to focus on the safest delivery of children by requiring no driver interaction.

AI-Powered Camera System

Hayden AI’s platform locates illegally parked or moving vehicles with incredible accuracy, utilizing computer vision and machine learning to pinpoint the location of detected vehicles along a bus route.

Edge Processing

With edge processing, our AI Intelligence Engine identifies and documents potential traffic violations while the bus is moving and enhances privacy by only uploading the data necessary to issue a prosecutable violation.

Data Portal

Authorized agencies can review potential traffic violations on Hayden AI’s data portal, which integrates seamlessly with violations processing systems to issue citations. The portal also enables easy management of traffic rules and can provide advanced aggregated data analysis and visualization to authorized agencies.

Edge AI: The key to efficient bus service with the highest level of privacy and security.

Edge AI empowers communities to protect bus and bike lanes, and much more. Download our guide to discover how Edge AI is helping cities solve problems previously thought unsolvable.

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Students and bus drivers shouldn’t be afraid of unsafe drivers endangering their lives. Hayden AI brings the latest capture technology and privacy protections to make transit safer for our children.
Jeff Nielsen

Jeff Nielsen

Vice President of School Transportation

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