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Hayden AI's AI powered camera

AI-Powered Camera System

Hayden AI’s platform locates illegally parked or moving vehicles with incredible accuracy, utilizing computer vision and machine learning to pinpoint the location of detected vehicles along a bus route.

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City transit bus

Edge Processing

With edge processing, our AI Perception Engine identifies and documents potential traffic violations while the bus is moving and enhances privacy by only uploading the data necessary to issue a prosecutable violation.

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Data Portal

Authorized agencies can review potential traffic violations on Hayden AI’s data portal, which integrates seamlessly with violations processing systems to issue citations. The portal also enables easy management of traffic rules and can provide advanced aggregated data analysis and visualization to authorized agencies.

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Explore the many ways Hayden AI's mobile perception platform can solve problems in your city.

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Transit Buses
Transit Buses

Enforce bus lanes and bus stops automatically for enhanced safety and performance.

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Why Hayden AI?

Disruptive Technology

We offer the only operational AI-based solution on the market. With hardware built for data collection and analysis, our system can provide value beyond traffic enforcement.

Privacy First

With edge processing and encryption, our technology prioritizes data privacy by design. Only potential traffic violations are saved and shared for processing.

Market Leader

Hayden AI is the largest provider of mobile automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement systems in the US.

Our AI-powered cameras perceive, map, and understand their environment, and collaborate to deliver state-of-the-art traffic enforcement and real-time insights. We’ve created an operating system for cities that continuously learns, adapts, and improves, making our cities safer and smarter.
Vaibhav Ghadiok

Vaibhav Ghadiok

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

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