Today’s data is tomorrow’s innovation.

Our team of data scientists work with the richest collection of vision-based data in the world, combined with next-level machine learning to derive unparalleled insights for cities and businesses alike.


Digital Twin Technology

Build dynamic, 3D models of your city to improve efficiency.

Hayden AI's GeminAI enables you to create 3D virtual models of your city. The platform maps an entire urban area to create a duplicate virtual space, allowing you to plan urban cities more efficiently, reach your net-zero targets effectively, and enhance the quality of life of your citizens.

3D rendering of a city3D rendering of a city

GeminAI uses digital twin technology, which is expected to save cities $280 billion by 2030.

Transform your city's operations with GeminAI.

GeminAI gives you access to all of Hayden AI's innovative technologies including Edge AI, sensor fusion, mapping layers, and cloud computing.

  • Operate & Monitor

    Gain insights into parking, curb activity, and more to identify issues and anticipate future demand.

  • Plan & Optimize

    Run simulations to test policies and make adjustments before implementing them in the real world.

  • Design & Build

    Model city infrastructures before construction to ensure that they utilize municipal resources sustainably.

Cities around the world are getting smarter, using technology to adapt to the rapidly changing environments. Hayden’s GeminAI digital twin uses mobile AI to create a future where an entire urban area is digitized and virtualized, allowing cities to be optimized for efficiency, safety, sustainability, and equity.
Weilie Yi

Weilie Yi

Vice President of Data Science

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