Transit Buses

Transit Buses

Enforce bus lanes and bus stops automatically for enhanced safety and performance.

Tired of vehicles illegally parking or driving in your dedicated bus lanes? Use our AI-powered camera system to automatically capture and enforce these violations, while safeguarding the privacy of your citizens.

Are illegally parked vehicles preventing riders from accessing the bus?

Hayden AI can help you clear bus stops and make sure you can pick up every rider at every stop.

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Meet your transit performance goals effortlessly.

Install our AI-powered camera system behind the bus windshield, and let our platform handle the rest.

More Efficient Bus Operations

Improve bus speeds and reduce time spent per commute trip.

Enhanced Safety

Keep bus riders safe as they get on and off the bus by keeping bus stops and lanes clear for buses.

Increased Transit Ridership

Improve on-time performance and schedule reliability.

  1. AI-powered context camera captures a violation
  2. ALPR camera extracts license plate details
  3. High-precision evidence package (HPEP) is compiled
  4. HPEP is sent to our cloud server for further processing
  5. Enforcement officer receives HPEP and verifies violation
  6. Violation or warning notice issued

Scale your traffic enforcement securely.

Hayden AI leverages AIoT to scale the enforcement of bus lanes, bus stops, delivery zones, intersections, and more.

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Intelligent Violation Detection

Our AI algorithms determine whether a traffic violation has occurred with best-in-class accuracy, even under the most challenging conditions and times of day.

Advanced Data Security & Privacy

Evidence packages with rich information about the violation event are transferred using government-grade encryption and blockchain technology.

Streamlined Human Review

Fully auditable and highly accurate evidence packages are sent to an enforcement officer, who has access to our Data Portal with an interactive display.

Configurable Traffic Rules Engine

Traffic rules can be updated in real time, remotely deployed to each roadside capture device, using AI algorithms or manually via a map editor, raw data upload, or heat maps of traffic violations.

Go Beyond Enforcement.

Hayden AI captures robust violation data that helps government agencies identify gaps in data coverage and areas that may need improvement, such as sidewalks and crosswalks.

Edge AI: The key to efficient bus service with the highest level of privacy and security.

Edge AI empowers communities to protect bus and bike lanes, and much more. Download our guide to discover how Edge AI is helping cities solve problems previously thought unsolvable.

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Blocked bus lanes and slow bus speeds increase commute times and endanger lives. Hayden AI’s automated bus lane enforcement reduces congestion and improves commuter safety, fleet reliability and performance.
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Syed Rahman

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