Data Portal

All the tools you need to run your city more efficiently in one centralized dashboard.

Imagine thousands of vehicles driving across the city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, collecting data to protect streets, curbsides, and intersections.

Now what if you also had the power to harness all of this collective data to gain valuable insights that allow you to design smart cities with more productive municipalities and safer communities? This is what Hayden AI offers you: the power of insight from a network of fleet vehicles equipped with our mobile perception platform.



Advanced data analysis and visualization

Analyze and generate customizable visualizations for maximum context.

Data map

Today’s data is tomorrow’s innovation.

Our team of data scientists work with the richest collection of vision-based data in the world, combined with next-level machine learning to derive unparalleled insights for cities and businesses alike.

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Our portal makes it easy to see where and why buses are getting delayed, unlocking never before-seen insights for transit agencies.
Renee Jordan

Renee Jordan

Director of Customer Success

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