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With world-class engineers and a highly experienced R&D leadership team, Hayden AI is pioneering the next generation of mobile perception technologies with an unrivaled portfolio of inventions that is years ahead of the industry.

Unmatched patent portfolio inspired by autonomous vehicle technology.

The Hayden AI platform utilizes high-performance computer vision algorithms and machine learning capabilities at the edge, along with sensor fusion for precision localization, mapping layers that act as a “supersensor”, and cloud computing for big data processing.

Edge AI/ML

Sensor Fusion

Mapping Layers

Cloud Computing



Hayden AI's products are covered by U.S. patents and pending applications.

An end-to-end framework that captures and processes video data to detect traffic violations involving a vehicle and a restricted road area.

  • Near real-time detection of traffic violations
  • Edge processing using mobile perception devices
  • Communication with a central cloud server for further processing
  • Reasoning engine that verifies detected traffic violations

U.S. Patent Number 11,003,919 B1

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An algorithm that analyzes video frames to identify vehicles and lanes of interest (LOI), their relative positions, and the degree of overlap between them.

  • Leverages advanced computer vision and deep learning methods
  • Identifies the relative positions of vehicles with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Distinguishes between multiple lanes on a particular roadway
  • Computes the degree of overlap between vehicles and lanes at the edge

U.S. Patent Number 11,164,014 B1

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Semantic maps are embedded with policy layers annotated with traffic enforcement rules to provide context about the severity and causation of traffic violations.

  • Provides spatial awareness to mobile perception devices
  • Segments the scene at a pixel-level and tracks salient visual points
  • Allows government agencies to manage traffic enforcement rules
  • Interactive map editor to modify traffic rules and enforcement logic

U.S. Patent Number 11,322,017 B1

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Camera technology is capable of detecting objects behind windshields at night and in all weather conditions, ensuring that automated bus lane enforcement is accurate and scalable

  • A novel camera system design that captures both frontal context view and angled license plate view
  • First camera design with night vision that functions behind the windshield
  • Easier management for installation, maintenance and operations.

US Patent No: US11,689,787

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Citizens support traffic enforcement through a mobile application that collects real-time data using the phone camera and machine learning algorithms.

  • Enables real-time reporting of dangerous driving behavior
  • Converts mobile phones into AI-powered dashboard cameras
  • Creates content lakes with natural language-based data from citizens
  • Generates a digital twin of the city’s main roads and curbsides in real time

U.S. Patent Serial Number US11,475,766

Hayden AI’s blockchain-powered data management technology uses a distributed ledger to track each transaction of the data with a unique and unrepeatable identifier generated by a cryptographic operation. This system creates a verifiable chain of custody for each traffic enforcement evidence package, keeping a record every time the data is processed, modified, or reviewed. It can further secure the data by partitioning it into individual components and tracking them through multiple blockchains.

U.S. Patent Serial Number 11,727,795 B1.

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Our AI-powered cameras perceive, map, and understand their environment, and collaborate to deliver state-of-the-art traffic enforcement and real-time insights. We’ve created an operating system for cities that continuously learns, adapts, and improves, making our cities safer and smarter.
Vaibhav Ghadiok

Vaibhav Ghadiok

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

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