Data Chain

Safeguard citizen privacy through privacy-by-design technology.

Data Chain: Safeguarding the Integrity and Security of Data

The Hayden AI Data Chain protects the integrity and security of data collected by our mobile perception platform. With a patented, auditable ledger to document traffic violation evidence packages at each stage of their life cycles - from collection to citation - the Data Chain ensures that data is secure and only available to authorized viewers.

Strengthen citizen trust through transparency

  • Government-Grade Encryption

    FIPS 140-2 encryption standards are strictly maintained to safeguard all sensitive data such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

  • Digital security-based data sharing

    Data elements are partitioned into shards and distributed to separate secure locations, reducing the risk of breaches by magnitudes.

  • Auditable chain of custody

    Controls, documentation, and all activity tied to each evidence package are fully auditable to ensure evidence is admissible in court.

Innovation in secure, trusted digital evidence management.

Hayden AI not only scales a city's ability to create safer, more efficient traffic flows, but also addresses the very real issues of fair and just mobility.
Anthony Foxx

Anthony Foxx

Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation , Hayden AI

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