A Vision AI platform that keeps tram service moving.

A tram turning in front of traffic within a city street

About Automated Tram Blocking Enforcement

It takes just one illegally parked vehicle to completely shut down tram service.

When cars and trucks park even just a few centimeters into the tram right-of-way, it is impossible for trams to pass, leaving as many as 500 passengers on just one tram stranded. This illegally parked vehicle prevents other trams on the same route from moving, too, creating system-wide transport service disruptions. Hayden AI’s Automated Tram Blocking Enforcement platform uses tram-mounted, AI-powered camera systems to detect and collect video evidence of vehicles illegally parking in the tram right-of-way. By helping enforce tram-blocking violations at scale and in real-time, our platform helps cities improve road safety, public transit reliability, and efficiency for everyone.

A tram arriving at a tram stop at night within a city

Why Automated Tram Blocking Enforcement is Important

When vehicles block tram tracks, riders are stranded. Hayden AI’s platform helps transit agencies keep trams on-time and moving by reducing obstructions that stop service.

When trams can’t move, traffic can’t either. Obstructions in tram tracks disrupt general traffic, too, creating significant vehicle congestion. Keeping these tracks clear for trams keeps traffic moving for everyone.

Stopped trams disrupt entire transport systems. Our platform successfully changes driver behavior by providing parking enforcement agencies with the tools they need to more consistently, effectively and efficiently enforce tram blocking violations.

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