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Busy traffic with cars parked in two lanes

About Automated Double Parking Enforcement

Double parking—when drivers illegally block a travel lane parallel to legally parked vehicles—creates major issues for road safety and public transit.

Double parking forces buses, other vehicles, and cyclists to maneuver around the stopped vehicle, increasing the likelihood of crashes and causing significant travel delays. Just one double parked vehicle can wreak havoc on traffic and public transit on-time performance.

Taxis in traffic in a city

Automated Double Parking Enforcement Technology

Hayden AI’s Automated Double Parking Enforcement platform uses bus-mounted, AI-powered camera systems to detect and collect video evidence of double parking. By helping enforce double parking violations at scale and in real-time, our platform helps cities improve road safety, public transit reliability, and efficiency for everyone.

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A busy intersection in a city

Why Automated Double Parking Enforcement is Important

Double parked vehicles make roads unsafe for everyone. Our platform successfully changes driver behavior by providing parking enforcement agencies with the tools they need to more consistently, effectively and efficiently enforce double parking violations.

Double parking significantly slows down bus service and general traffic. Hayden AI’s platform helps transit agencies keep buses on-time by reducing obstructions that slow down service.

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