A Vision AI platform that makes boarding and exiting accessible and safe.

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About Automated Bus Stop Enforcement

Bus stops aren’t parking spots – but many drivers treat them that way, with potentially dire consequences for riders with disabilities and seniors.

Illegal parking at bus stops makes it impossible for the bus to pull up to the curb properly, which slows down transit and makes boarding unsafe for everyone and often inaccessible to people using wheelchairs or other mobility assistive devices.

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Automated Bus Stop Enforcement Technology

Hayden AI’s Automated Bus Stop Enforcement platform uses bus-mounted, AI-powered camera systems to keep bus stops clear for buses. By enforcing bus stops at scale and in real-time, our platform helps keep transit on-time, safe, and accessible.

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In a 2023 study of two bus routes, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) found that on a typical weekday, over half of the bus stops were obstructed at least once per day. Some individual bus stops were obstructed over 30 percent of the time.

Benefits of Automated Bus Lane Enforcement

Major transit agencies and cities are working with Hayden AI to help clear their bus lanes of illegal parking and moving violations, which is resulting in better bus performance, safety and reliability.

  • Improved Accessibility

    Ensure that buses can safely deploy wheelchair ramps and riders can step safely from the curb onto the bus.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Keep bus stops clear of obstructions so that riders can board and exit buses safely directly from the curb and not into an active lane of traffic.

  • Increased Transit Ridership

    Improve on-time performance and schedule reliability by removing obstructions.

AI-Powered Camera System

Hayden AI’s platform locates illegally parked or moving vehicles with incredible accuracy, utilizing computer vision and machine learning to pinpoint the location of detected vehicles along a bus route.

Edge Processing

With edge processing, our AI Intelligence Engine identifies and documents potential traffic violations while the bus is moving and enhances privacy by only uploading the data necessary to issue a prosecutable violation.

Data Portal

Authorized agencies can review potential traffic violations on Hayden AI’s data portal, which integrates seamlessly with violations processing systems to issue citations. The portal also enables easy management of traffic rules and can provide advanced aggregated data analysis and visualization to authorized agencies.

Blocked bus lanes and slow bus speeds increase commute times and endanger lives. Hayden AI’s automated bus lane enforcement reduces congestion and improves commuter safety, fleet reliability and performance.
Syed Rahman

Syed Rahman

Vice President of Transit

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