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We recently announced our new partnership with New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to install 300 automated bus lane enforcement camera systems on their buses, with an option to install 200 more at MTA request. Our news generated some buzz in the Big Apple and beyond.

We’re not the only people excited about keeping bus lanes clear for buses with automated enforcement. When we announced our new partnership with the MTA last week, we were pleasantly surprised to receive so much media coverage — both in New York and nationally.

Automated bus lane enforcement is a powerful tool to improve on-time performance for buses, keeping buses reliable and frequent – and riders happy. After the New York MTA began automated camera enforcement of bus lanes in 2019, the agency experienced a 17% increase in speed along the dedicated bus lanes on the B44.

We’re so happy that news of our partnership with the MTA generated some buzz. Here are the outlets that covered us, and links to their stories:

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