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The time for a change in how we navigate public traffic safety is upon us. With Tesla’s recent news breaks of dashcam capable Tesla Model 3 users submitting their file recordings alongside police reports for analysis, we find ourselves now in the era of self-motivated traffic safety.

Recently, a Tesla dashcam captured a hit and run as it occurred on an interstate in Washington State, the evidence later sent to the police for consideration in their enforcement. Before then, a Tesla Model 3 dashcam caught a Ford F-350 pickup truck’s license plate as it sideswiped the Tesla, whereafter an insurance company was able to contact the vehicle owner to determine fault.

At Hayden AI, our SafeSense App facilitates this capability for anyone with a vehicle, Tesla or not. SafeSense turns your mobile phone into an AI-powered dashcam that detects, reports, and displays traffic safety violations in real time.

Hayden AI’s platform, capable of connecting any mobile device — whether mobile phones, intelligent cameras, highly automated vehicles like Tesla, or ultimately, autonomous vehicles — to a network could dramatically improve traffic safety, and is the newest development in a stream of solution-seeking AI to take traffic safety further than ever before.

The time is right for a platform solution like Safe Sense to hit the scene. Violations such as school bus stop-arm negligence, running red lights, stop signs, reckless driving, and the like are now able to be recorded with video, enforcing driver accountability to reach a new level.

The SafeSense platform aims to put your city’s safety back in your hands, where it belongs, carving out a new cornerstone for the development of city safety everywhere.

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Hayden AI is a global leader in artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics. Led by a team of experts in AI, computer vision, data science, transportation, and government technology, Hayden is building the future of real world problem solving for governments and businesses.

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