Hayden AI Awarded Patent for Method that Facilitates Traffic Rule Management

Method enabling government entities to manage traffic rules for violation enforcement using mapping layers and traffic management semantics

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Hayden AI Technologies, Inc. (“Hayden AI”), a leading provider of smart traffic enforcement solutions powered by artificial intelligence, has been awarded a patent for a method that enables government entities to manage traffic rules for violation enforcement using multiple mapping layers in combination with traffic management semantics.

Patent Annoucement

U.S. Patent number 11,322,017 B1, granted for the company’s “Systems and methods for managing traffic rules using multiple mapping layers with traffic management semantics,” is a method that facilitates the management of traffic rules using a traffic enforcement layer that is situated on top of a semantic map layer. The map layer, which consists of street elements such as intersections and stop signs, is updated using data captured by edge devices. The enforcement layer consists of traffic rules that can be adjusted directly by the user or via a traffic insight layer, which is generated based on traffic violations and traffic conditions. By analyzing the impact of traffic rules, the insight layer also provides suggestions for adjustments.

“We devised this method because traditionally, the way of defining and managing traffic rules in a digital form is either non-existent or very preliminary,” said Bo Shen, CTO and Co-Founder of Hayden AI. “Our pilot programs consistently show significant improvement in the efficiency and flexibility of managing traffic rules when compared to the traditional logic-based approach. We’ve also built in mechanisms that enable municipalities to gauge the effectiveness of a particular traffic rule or lane restriction in alleviating traffic congestion and improving the schedule reliability of public fleet vehicles.”

The system allows municipalities to directly update traffic rules in the enforcement layer via an interactive map editor by dragging and dropping rule types, attributes and logic onto a route point. Government entities can also convert raw traffic rule data from a database of a transportation department or generate a heat map of traffic violations detected by edge devices to update the insight layer. By providing several methods to add and modify enforcement rules, the system helps government entities to modify ineffective restrictions and ensure that enforcement results in a reduction in traffic congestion, while improving traffic safety and enhancing transportation efficiency.

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Hayden AI is a global leader in artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics. Led by a team of experts in AI, computer vision, data science, transportation, and government technology, Hayden is building the future of real world problem solving for governments and businesses.

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