Hayden AI Awarded Patent for End-to-End System that Detects Traffic Violations

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Hayden AI Technologies, Inc. (“Hayden AI”), a leading smart city solutions provider that delivers a proven and trusted autonomous traffic management platform to make cities safer and more sustainable, has been awarded a patent for an end-to-end system that autonomously detects and enforces traffic violations using multiple mobile perception devices mounted on stationary and moving vehicles.

Patent Announcement

U.S. Patent number 11,003,919 B1, granted for the company’s “Systems and methods for detecting traffic violations using mobile detection devices,” is an end-to-end system that captures and processes video data to detect traffic violations involving a vehicle and a restricted road area. The mobile perception device detects a potential violation then communicates with a cloud server for further processing. The server constructs semantic annotated maps and utilizes a reasoning engine to determine whether a traffic violation has occurred by comparing information received from multiple mobile perception devices.

“Cities experience a disruption in traffic flow when non-public vehicles park in bus lanes — it is a significant transportation problem. We developed this system to help municipalities, counties, and other government entities address this issue by improving the detection and enforcement of bus lane violations using advanced deep learning technology,” said Bo Shen, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Hayden AI. “The results from the pilot projects we’ve conducted so far have consistently shown drastic improvement in the detection of bus lane violations, which in turn improves the flow of buses and increases bus ridership. Our system has proven to be scalable, reliable, and not overly expensive to deploy.”

The system can also be used to enforce other restricted road areas such as bike lanes, no parking zones, and pedestrian crosswalks. While some municipalities have relied on traditional traffic enforcement technologies with cameras set up near intersections, they are unable to detect lane violations beyond the cameras’ fixed field of view. However, by utilizing a mobile perception-based traffic violation detection system, cities can enhance traffic safety and efficiency for bicyclists and pedestrians and minimize the disruption of crucial municipal services such as street sweeping, waste collection, and firefighting operations.

About Hayden AI

Hayden AI is a global leader in artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics. Led by a team of experts in AI, computer vision, data science, transportation, and government technology, Hayden is building the future of real world problem solving for governments and businesses.

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