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Public transport forms the backbone of any urban mobility system, enabling cities to be more dynamic and competitive while creating more jobs. However, most cities’ public bus systems are hemorrhaging riders in recent years due to slow speeds compared to options such as ridesharing services. Not to mention the continuously rising threats of transit agency budget cuts, traffic congestion and public safety.

Hayden AI — a company creating smart city solutions purpose-built for modern traffic conditions and increased urbanization — asking the question, What can we do to reverse this?

The answer isn’t bulking up on traffic enforcement, but rather, to enable smarter, more scalable enforcement.

For cities searching to find solutions to declining ridership and improved bus speeds, Hayden AI presents a fully autonomous system that enforces transit regulation for bus lanes. They are the first technology provider to create an on-the-go mobile AI-powered solution of this kind, capable of detecting, understanding, and determining the causation of traffic incidents.

Safe Sense Perception System for Transit Buses

Hayden AI’s CEO Chris Carson has elaborated on their platform, saying, “Our mobile vision-based solutions utilize a city’s existing transportation fleet to collect real-time data that supports the enforcement of traffic laws. This cost-effective and scalable approach provides 100% coverage of the roads, allowing us to drastically improve traffic safety, eliminate traffic fatalities, and enable transportation efficiency.”

Vaibhav Ghadiok, VP of Engineering added, “Our Safe Sense platform consists of an intelligent camera, smart cloud, HD maps, and a web portal accessible to city officials, thereby delivering an end-to-end autonomous solution for traffic management.”

Hayden AI’s solution provides a support system for transit agencies to use in effectively managing and enforcing operational protocols, including dedicated bus lanes. Well-enforced bus-only lanes potentiate increased ridership by improving service efficiency and reliability. This boosts ridership while increasing revenue. Thus, rectifying the gaps in infrastructure which cause congestion, hereby rebalancing the pacing of city traffic flow.

City bus fleets benefit by offering dependability, consistency, improved safety, and smoother rides to their users.

The Safe Sense platform is based on autonomous vehicle technology, uses visual perception to detect any traffic violation, and performs scene understanding that can provide context behind the violation, as well as severity.

Hayden AI Provides Limitless Insights Into Your City

In addition to collecting data that supports the enforcement of traffic laws, Hayden AI’s system collects rich data for cities to use in parking management, city asset tracking, analysis of traffic patterns, real-time mapping updates, digital curbside management, identifying road and sidewalk hazards, and more.

Efficient mobility in cities creates economic opportunities, enables trade, and facilitates access to markets and services, effectively leveraging resources. Carson continued, saying, “We look forward to improving city-wide transit enforcement with the use of our technology and expect to find high interest in cities across the country due to the user-friendly nature of our platform.”

About Hayden AI

Hayden AI is a global leader in artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics. Led by a team of experts in AI, computer vision, data science, transportation, and government technology, Hayden is building the future of real world problem solving for governments and businesses.

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