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Transit Buses
Transit Buses

Enforce bus lanes and bus stops automatically for enhanced safety and performance.

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Why Hayden AI?

Disruptive Technology

We offer the only operational AI-based solution on the market. With hardware built for data collection and analysis, our system can provide value beyond traffic enforcement.

Privacy First

With edge processing and encryption, our technology prioritizes data privacy by design. Only potential traffic violations are saved and shared for processing.

Market Leader

Hayden AI is the largest provider of mobile automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement systems in the US.

Using data to map the future.

Our team of data scientists work with the richest collection of vision-based data in the world, combined with next-level machine learning to derive unparalleled insights for cities and businesses alike.

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Hayden AI not only scales a city’s ability to create safer, more efficient traffic flows, but also addresses the very real issues of just and fair mobility.
Anthony Foxx

Anthony Foxx

Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation , Hayden AI

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2 down, 9 to go: NYC's S79 bus now enforced with Hayden AI


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