At Hayden AI, we’ve engineered our Safe Sense iNX31 camera to drastically improve the scalability and efficiency of traffic enforcement in and around the various designated and non-designated bus lanes used in cities across the country. In recent years, public bus systems have been consistently hemorrhaging riders due to issues with route inefficiencies such as slower average speeds versus ridesharing services and other alternative options. City residents want to live and work in a city infrastructure that is both safe and healthy, but that also provides low-cost, efficient services.


By using advanced AI that can process real-time data with industrial AIoT devices, Hayden AI is turning a city’s existing fleet vehicles into a true “smart” fleet that completely automates the detection and reporting of traffic violations in and around designated and non-designated bus lanes. Allowing our Safe Sense iNX31 camera to directly assist municipalities in improving sustainability, economic competitiveness, and quality of life - all cornerstones of a smart city. 


The Safe Sense iNX31 camera:

  • Professional front-end and back-end with automated data flows

  • Detects and reports on designated and non-designated bus lane traffic violations, including:

o  Stopping, standing, and parking in a dedicated ‘bus only’ lane (curbside and offset) for 5 minutes or more

o Stopping, standing, and parking in a bus stop

o Stopping, standing, and parking in a traffic lane, intersection, or crosswalk

o Making U-turns that interfere with the right-of-way of a bus and U-turns on divided roadway cutting across the double line in lanes specifically designated for movement of traffic

  • Comprehensive rules engine, specifically designed around the city’s municipal codes and regulations 

  • Real-time surveying of curb assets 

  • Capable of providing dynamic updates to city's existing GIS maps

Safe Sense iNX31 Camera

for Transit Buses

The Safe Sense platform is comprised of:

  • Industrial AIoT device with smart cloud processing

  • Browser-based portal that can be easily accessed by city officials

The Safe Sense iNX31 Camera improves:

  • Bus travel times

  • On-time performance

  • Rider satisfaction

Public transport forms the backbone of any urban mobility system, allowing cities to be more dynamic and competitive while creating more jobs. However, most cities’ public bus systems have seen a consistent drop in both their effectiveness and efficency in recent years due to factors such as the explosive rise of vehicle-based businesses such as ridesharing and e-commerce delivery services. Not to mention the continuously rising threats of transit agency budget cuts, traffic congestion and public safety.


The Safe Sense iNX31 camera system drastically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of a city’s public transit system. Which in turn improves revenue streams, lowers operational costs, and more importantly, reduces pedestrian injuries and fatalities. All this brings a better quality of life for residents and visitors, increasing the city’s economic competitiveness to attract industries and talent, while improving the focus on sustainability.

The power of vision

City leaders need better tools to help them collect and make sense of community challenges. In particular, they want data about various aspects of city operations to help inform decision-making on quality of life issues. Afterall, with competing demands and limited resources, it's vital for city leaders and the community to choose the right priorities. We've built a solution for this. Using a variety of sensors installed on city fleet vehicles--making privacy a priority--we can identify and collect actionable insights for enforcement agencies to include traffic, fire, health, sanitation, building and city codes, and many other areas impacting government services.

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