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The Safe Sense eNX41 Camera 

At Hayden AI, we’ve engineered our eNX41 camera to drastically improve the scalability and efficiency of the traffic enforcement process for stop-arm violations in communities across the country.  Despite the fact that stop-arm violations are actually illegal in all 50 states, this is one of the most routinely un-enforced traffic safety violations by local law enforcement and municipalities.  Studies have shown though that, without the threat of enforcement and without the public actually seeing or hearing about the law being enforced, most laws will have little, if any impact.  By using advanced AI that can process real-time data with industrial IoT devices, Hayden AI is turning a city’s existing school bus fleet into a true “smart” fleet that completely automates the detection and reporting of stop-arm violations to city officials. Making our schools and the communities they reside in a safer place for our young, pedestrian bus riders.


The eNX41:

  • Collects real-time smart and safe city data

  • Professional back-end and front-end automation

  • Performs bus lane enforcement and curbside managemenet

  • Understands the causation and severity of violations

  • Low cost

  • Scalable enforcement

  • Easy installation

  • Real-time alerts

Safe Sense eNX41 Camera 

for School Buses

The Safe Sense platform is comprised of:

  • An intelligent camera with smart cloud processing 

  • A browser-based portal that can be easily accessed by city officials  

The eNX41 reduces: 

  • Injuries and fatalities caused from stop-arm violations

School buses & motorists have been part of our morning & afternoon landscape for more than 5 generations, with over 26 million students currently riding a school bus each day in the U.S.  Unfortunately, it has always been an uneasy coexistence between both parties.  When you evaluate this constant daily interaction, the primary safety risk that is still an issue to this day is that those young student bus riders are also in fact partial “pedestrian commuters,” as they do have to walk to and from their bus each and every day.  Because of this, a law was created that states when a school bus stops to drop off or pick up students and its red lights are flashing with its “stop-arm” extended, motorists approaching that bus from either direction must stop as well or be issued a violation.  But motorists often just don’t want to stop, they want to get where they are going with little interruption and as quickly as they can.  


This has created such an issue that when a survey of 3,000 drivers was conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 99% of those interviewed deemed “stop-arm violations” as “The most dangerous unsafe driving behavior” over all other high risk behaviors, including driving through a stop sign or light, speeding, passing in a no-passing zone, and even racing another driver.

“The greatest risk to your child is not riding a bus, but approaching or leaving one.”


According to the 2018-2019 National School Bus Loading & Unloading Survey of all 50 states:


  • 8 school children deaths were reported in or around the loading or unloading areas of a school bus are included (33% increase from last year).

  • 7 of those children were killed by other vehicles passing the school bus (133% increase from last year).


According to the 2019 NASDPTS National Survey of Stop Arm Violations, 39 states conducted a one-day survey with over 27% of their school bus drivers reporting:

  • 95,319 vehicles passed their school buses illegally (13% increase from last year).

  • The sample results point to more than 17 million violations over a 180-day school year.


According to a survey by the New York Association for Pupil Transportation:

  • Up to 50,000 cars per day pass a stopped, working school bus in the state.  

  • 2,047 cars per day passed stopped buses on the right side where school children exit.

What makes our technology different?

In addition to collecting data that supports the enforcement of traffic laws, Hayden AI’s platform also collects smart city data that can be used for parking management, asset tracking, analysis of traffic patterns, curbside management, identifying road and sidewalk hazards, and more. City residents want to live in safe, healthy places. The eNX41 produces the quality of life, economic competitiveness, and sustainability—that are the cornerstones of a smart city, and a smart future. Together with Hayden AI‘s eNX41 we can build the world we all want to live in, one city at a time.