The Safe Sense fNX51 Camera

At Hayden AI, we’ve engineered our fNX51 camera to drastically improve the scalability and efficiency of traffic enforcement for use in intersections across the country. City infrastructures are chronically congested due to blocked intersections and poorly managed overflow. City residents want to live and work in a city infrastructure that is both safe and healthy, but that also provides low-cost, efficient services. By using advanced AI that can process real-time data with industrial IoT devices, Hayden AI is turning a city’s existing intersections into a true “smart” grid that completely automates the detection and reporting of block-the-box violations. Allowing our fNX51 camera to directly assist municipalities in improving the quality of life, economic competitiveness, and sustainability—the cornerstones of a smart city.


The fNX51:

  • Collects real-time smart and safe city data

  • Professional back-end and front-end automation

  • Performs bus lane enforcement and curbside management

  • Understands the causation and severity of violations

  • Low cost

  • Scalable enforcement

  • Easy installation

  • Real-time alerts

Safe Sense fNX51 Camera

for Intersection

The Safe Sense platform is comprised of:

  • An AIoT camera with smart cloud processing 

  • A browser-based portal that can be easily accessed by city officials

The fNX51 improves: 

  • Speed and ridership 

  • Transportation efficiency 

  • Fair and equitable mobility

  • Enforcement of Traffic Safety Laws

The fNX51 reduces traffic fatalities while encouraging transportation efficiency overall. All this brings a better quality of life for residents and visitors, increasing the city’s economic competitiveness to attract industries and talent, while improving the focus on sustainability. Public transport forms the backbone of any urban mobility system, framing cities to be more dynamic and competitive while creating more jobs. However, most cities depend upon intersections that are so busy they back up traffic congestion for blocks and blocks. Between waiting on drivers to make left turns [many in no-left-turn areas], right-turn curbside congestion and confused stop-and-go right-of-ways, there is no extra time or space for enforcing intersection violations.  Managing intersections through the use of our fixed camera reduces this congestion while preventing pedestrian fatalities.

Why fNX51? 

Your city can’t live without it.


Our antiquated roads are being choked by modern technology with no integration of the old ways and new. Sadly, it’s not just a matter of being inconvenienced, people are dying as pedestrian fatalities in urban areas are up 69% in the last ten years alone. The fNX51 has the ability to significantly reduce not only fatalities, but also improve the overall safety, security and efficiency of a city’s vital infrastructure and services.

What makes our technology different?

In addition to collecting data that supports the enforcement of traffic laws, Hayden AI’s platform also collects smart city data that can be used for parking management, asset tracking, analysis of traffic patterns, curbside management, identifying road and sidewalk hazards, and more. City residents want to live in safe, healthy places. The fNX51 produces the quality of life, economic competitiveness, and sustainability—that are the cornerstones of a smart city, and a smart future. Together with Hayden AI ‘s fNX51 we can build the world we all want to live in, one city at a time.

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