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Hayden AI Joins KGAP+: Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus

Updated: Jul 27

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., October 10, 2019 — Hayden AI Technologies, Inc. (“Hayden AI”) announced today that they have joined the KGAP+ Accelerator program, created to bring Japanese and International business together.

Chris Carson, Co-Founder & CEO, Hayden AI, said “We are delighted to welcome the support of KGAP+ in helping us enter the Japanese market, matching us with corporate partners to develop POCs.”

The goal of KGAP+ is to lead companies to create a proof of concept demonstrator, as well as find new investment and enabling partners in Japan as well as overseas. The program runs off-line in Kyoto, Japan, and online through the latest global collaboration tools.

About KGAP+

KGAP+ builds the value of Global Startups through interaction with local industrial partners and investors. It also offers a series of proprietary acceleration modules and activities which are designed to take startups of all kinds through an acceleration journey. The modules covers branding, marketing, business model, innovation process, design, leadership and investment steps.

About Hayden AI

Founded in 2019, Hayden AI has developed an AI-powered data platform for smart and safe city applications. We partner with the world’s most innovative cities to deploy our vision-based mobile solution in a city’s existing fleet to collect real-time data that supports the enforcement of traffic laws and other data services. We generate insights to improve traffic safety and efficiency.  To learn more about Hayden AI, visit www.hayden.ai

Contact info: media@hayden.ai


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