Hayden AI Attends Kyoto’s Smart City Expo with Success

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

We at Hayden AI recently returned from a trip to Kyoto, Japan, where we presented our AI developments to a room full of minds focused on promoting progress in ICT, including IoT, Big Data, AI and robotics.

The response to our technology here in Japan was very positive, highlighting and continuing the forward momentum we collectively make, even when from across seas and borders.

Kyoto’s Smart City Expo’s aim is to take on the challenge of creating a “meta-comfortable” smart society, and establish a system that promotes new businesses and industries based on sustainable open innovation to address urgent social issues such as the loss of social vitality and decline of regional areas due to aging population and declining birthrate.

Chris Carson, Co-Founder & CEO, Hayden AI, presented our vision to eliminate traffic fatalities and create efficiencies in urban mobility through the creation of an artificial intelligence powered mobility solution that is capable of detecting, understanding, and determining causation of traffic safety incidents.

We look forward to returning again, to continue the communal relationship we have initiated and to share the important developments we each discover.

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