Hayden AI Attends and Presents at Innovation Stream KANSAI

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

On December 17th, Hayden AI took the time to attend Innovation Stream KANSAI, held in Osaka, Japan at the Grand Front Osaka North Building.

Set against the backdrop of AI and big data analytics, the event utilized the characteristics of Osaka and Kansai to gather global seeds and diverse needs to integrate new industries to improve consumers’ quality of life.

Innovation Stream KANSAI

This, the third annual “Innovation Stream KANSAI”, featured the results of research on cutting-edge technologies and services by universities in Kansai and the surrounding area which were then transmitted. Expectations for the second phase of development are expected with a wide range of symposiums on data utilization, the key to creating a new industry creation base.

Hayden AI co-founder Chris Carson presented at the event, and has said of the experience, “Attending the Innovation Stream Kansai was an exciting conclusion to our participation in the KGAP accelerator. With the help of Keihanna Research Center and KGAP, we successfully completed a pilot that detected hundreds of traffic violations a day,” Carson says, “Once we have the data, we can start to solve the problem.”

Other exhibitors included Osaka City University, Osaka Prefecture University and Kwansei Gakuin University. Hayden AI is excited to see where this research and development base makes an impact as collaborators come together, across borders and oceans, to solve problems experienced by the average consumer.

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