Reinventing the future of safe and smart cities.


Significant growth in advanced mobile sensors has created a flood of data, an invaluable source for improving traffic safety. 

Our technology enables public-private partnerships to detect, deter, and solve traffic safety incidents through the collection of real-time data.


Using artificial Intelligence, we target and eliminate traffic fatalities by measuring what, where, when, and how things move, then isolate specific behaviors and activities to identify patterns and anomalies.


Innovation in action.

Our platform is capable of receiving data from a growing network of mobile devices to include:

Make a real-world impact today.

We’re a growing team of engineering, product, sales and operations experts who work together to create more livable cities.

Limitless insights into your city.

With millions of AI-processed video miles, Hayden AI transforms real-world datasets into insights that can shape the future of urban cities.

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Transit Bus Partner Program

Let us equip your city's transit buses with our AI powered mobile solution.

School Bus Partner Program

Let us equip your city's school buses with our AI powered mobile solution.

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