Shaping the future of smart cities.

If you could drastically improve traffic safety and even eliminate traffic fatalities across streets and sidewalks everywhere, wouldn’t you?  At Hayden AI, we see a clear path to just that – making cities smarter, and their traffic flows safer, faster and more efficient in the process. We come from the autonomous vehicle space, with expertise in deep learning, computer vision and mapping.  We’re passionate about data, technology, eco-sustainability and revolutionizing urban transportation.  We feel a strong pull to help keep people safe. By combining our AI powered platform with smart technology and partnering with the world’s most innovative cities, we have created the first vision-based solution that rapidly detects, understands and solves for a myriad of modern traffic challenges.

Our team.

Together we topple giants, solve challenging problems, and develop innovative products.

Chief Executive Officer

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Director of Perception

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Chief Technology Officer

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Our advisors.

Customer Focus

The customer is our true north.


Figure out how to get things done and make them happen.


Have a can-do attitude, with the enthusiasm and commitment to go the extra mile.


Succeed through the open exchange of information, both positive and negative.


Work together to achieve a common goal.


Act with integrity in every decision we make.

Our values.

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